Retrieve a CSV-formatted list of all Logs that exist in the target Organization

Response Body Reference

The response body is CSV-formatted text. Below is a reference for available columns.

Fleet IDThe UUID of the Fleet
Fleet NameThe name of the Fleet
Fleet VersionThe version number of the Fleet
Fleet Log IDThe UUID of the Fleet log
Fleet Log TriggerThe method the Fleet was started by
Fleet Log StatusThe status the Fleet completed in
Vessel Log IDThe UUID of the Vessel log
Vessel StatusThe status the Vessel completed in
Vessel NameThe name of the Vessel
Vessel TriggerThe method the Vessel was started by
RetriesThe number of times the Vessel attempted to run
Exit CodeThe final exit code for the Vessel final run
Vessel Start TimeThe time the Vessel started
Vessel End TimeThe time the Vessel ended
DurationThe length of time the Fleet ran for
Billable RuntimeThe length of time the Fleet ran the customer will be billed for
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