Trigger a Fleet to run with optional override data


Values configured on the target Fleet can be overridden by providing an optional JSON body in the request. Below is an example payload.

  "vessel_overrides": [
      "name": "Vessel A",
      "environment_variable_overrides": {
        "ENV_VAR_1": "One",
        "ENV_VAR_2": "Two",
        "ENV_VAR_3": "Three",
        "explicit_empty": "",
        "explicit_do_not_set": None
      "name": "Vessel B",
      "environment_variable_overrides": {
        "ENV_VAR_A": "Apple",
        "ENV_VAR_B": "Blossom",
        "ENV_VAR_C": "Chai"

There are several things to note regarding the json payload.

  1. The name value is the name of the Vessel that you'd like to override.
  2. environment_variable_overrides are the environment variables you'd like to override.
  3. Replace the left-hand side with the name of the environment variable you'd like to override and the right-hand side with the new value.
    1. Note: This is case sensitive.
  4. If the environment variable override value is an empty string "", the variable will be overridden and set to empty.
  5. If the environment variable override value is null or none, that value will be ignored and not set.
  6. If the environment variable override is not provided, the value set in the UI will be used.
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